The secrets of the runes have long been forgotten for many years, yet they lay dormant within each one of us through our ancestral bloodlines. They are a gift from the Norse gods to mankind and was intended to be passed on through time from one generation to another. Unlocking the runes from within will help connect back to the Divine and unlock the mysteries of the universe.

The Introduction to Runes Workshop will help set your foot forward on a journey to understanding and one day, unlock these mysteries that each rune possesses. We will cover the most common runic system, The Elder Futhark, and learn what each rune is about symbolically and what it means in a rune-casting message or rune spread. Rune-casting techniques and spreads will be provided in the course handouts, so you can practice on you own time and familiarize yourself with the runes on a personal level. 

As a bonus, I will also provide in the handouts a personal suggestive list of reading material and music to help understand and embrace the culture and lore of the runes.

Course Outline:

 Course Introduction:

  • Introducing the Practitioner and his personal relationship with runes.
  • General introduction of the course agenda for the 2-hour workshop


Introducing the Runes:

  • What are Runes?
  • A brief discussion of the different rune systems
    • Elder Futhark
    • Younger Futhark
    • Anglo-Frisian Futhorc
    • Armanic Futhork
  • History of the Runes


The Elder Futhark System:

  • Breaking down the 24 runes of the Elder Futhark System with their symbolic meanings, pronunciation, messages, and lore.


Practical Rune-work applications to get you started:

  • Rune-casting, Spreads, and daily practices (Rune of the day/journaling).
  • Suggestive Reading Material and Music for your rune-work journey

 Cost: $47.47


Senior Practitioner Ivan Westley

My name is Ivan and I’m a certified tarot and rune practitioner, as well being an accredited member of the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM). My journey into divination started back in 2019 when I exhausted my creativity and passion from playing the local music scenes for close to 30 years as a musician. I needed to find a new outlet to exercise and express my individuality. Tarot was the answer to this dilemma. When I received my first tarot deck, I had dived into it headfirst without looking back. I went on with further tarot studies and completed certification courses in order to become a practitioner. This led to the start of my divination business called Rebel Star Tarot. From tarot I started to study Rune Divination and completed certification courses coupled with a Norse Mythology certification course which work hand in hand with understanding the mystery, lore and magic of rune-work. There are many layers to unravel and to truly understand rune divination that I would like to bring to focus for future students and clients. I am currently doing studies and daily practical work to one day become an initiate for the Rune-Gild.