Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • Chapter Resource - Clearing Crystals & Structures

  • 2

    Crystals For Love

    • Crystals For Love & Relationships

    • Chapter Resource - Crystals by Chakra

  • 3

    Crystal Pairings, Grids, and Healing Layouts

    • Crystal Pairing, Crystal Grids, and Healing Layouts

  • 4

    Case Studies

    • Case Studies & The End

  • 5

    Crystals for Love & Relationships Final Exam

    • Crystals for Love & Relationship Final Exam

You asked for it! Full LIVE Video Online course on working with Crystals for Love! 

Course Outline:

Part 1: Love & Heart Chakra

  • Introduction
  • Opening your heart Chakra
  • Crystal for love connecting to your other Chakras

Part 2: Crystals for Love & Relationships

  • Crystals for Balancing the Heart Chakra
  • Crystals for Self Love
  • Crystals for healing anger in a relationship
  • Crystals for Healing Trauma
  • Crystals for cutting cords
  • Crystals for Forgiveness
  • Crystals for accepting love
  • Crystals for attracting a partner
  • Crystals for igniting Sex & Passion
  • Crystals for bring a child into your life

Part 3: Crystals Pairing, Grids & Healer Layouts 

  • 3 Crystal Parings that work in matters of the heart
  • 3 Crystal Grids for setting intentions
  • 3 Crystal Healer Body Layouts

Part 4: Case Studies

  • Crystals for Love for yourself vs Others
  • Understand Your Needs with the heart chakra
  • Setting Goals for love and relationship with crystals
  • Conclusion

The course is instructed by Joey Wargachuk, a professional Tarot & Crystal Trainer who was taught the tarot by his grandmother as a preteen. Joey gives readings at Happy Soul.

Joey Wargachuk is Proudly an executive member of IPHM Accreditation

Workshops are held via zoom video conferencing. Link will be sent via email before hand. 

If you have any questions, please email: