Crystals are dynamic and versatile tools that can support us in our everyday lives. In an increasingly more sensitive world, many people are turning to crystals to feel safe, secure, and protected. 

Do you find yourself easily drained by others? Are you sensitive to other people’s emotions? Do you consider yourself an empath? In
this workshop you’ll learn simple, effective methods for coping with scenarios like these and many more. This hands-on workshop features:

* Over a dozen of the most powerful crystals for protection
* Easy methods to cleanse yourself and your environment of unwanted vibes
* Simple meditations for creating psychic shields
* Techniques to neutralize psychic attack
* Crystal grids to protect your home, office, and other sacred spaces

Join internationally acclaimed author and crystal expert Nicholas Pearson in this interactive workshop that will teach you how to boost your boundaries and shine brighter than ever.


Senior Practitioner Nicholas Pearson

Nicholas Pearson has been immersed in all aspects of the mineral kingdom for over twenty years. He began teaching crystal workshops at an early age, later studying mineral science at Stetson University's Gillespie Museum while pursuing a degree in music. Nicholas offers workshops on crystals, Reiki, flower essence therapy, and more online and around the world. He is the author of several books, including Crystal Basics… He lives in Orlando, FL with his husband and photographer extraordinaire.