Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Introduction
  • 2
    Chakra Awareness
    • Chakras
  • 3
    Physical Self-Care
    • Physical Self-Care
  • 4
    Emotional Self-Care
    • Emotional Self-Care
  • 5
    Mental Self-Care
    • Mental Self-Care
  • 6
    Spiritual Self-Care
    • Spiritual Self-Care
  • 7
    • The End
  • 8
    5 Keys to Healer & Psychic Self-Care Final Exam
    • 5 Keys to Healer & Psychic Self-Care Final Exam

You Must Take Care of Yourself!

Chakra Awareness! Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual activities to fully care for you

Are you a on the journey as a healer or psychic? here is a list of actives and processes to help you keep on top of your needs and help you maintain balance as you connect to your spiritual gifts! This is a fun and easy workshop on simple activities about mindfully and fun ways of caring for yourself. 

  • Chakra awareness, Know and monitor your 7 Chakras
  • 10 Fun Actives for Physical Self-Care 
  •  10 Thoughtful Things to do to improve your Emotional Self-Care
  • 10 Simple ways that lead to Mental Self-Care
  •  10 Uplifting processes to Spiritual Self-Care

****************** Important Notice **************

Joey Wargachuk is an Approved Executive Member of the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine and an accredited international training provider Ref: IPHMNC3005

Students who wish to receive an accredited certification in this course which will require that they provide personal information (name, email). Note: information provided is confidential and only used for the purpose of the administration of you obtaining the certification.



  • What will I learn in this course?

    You will learn how to monitor your own chakras, turn self-care into a daily fun and practical activity, and learn easy and simply ways to energize your chakras through gamification.

  • Are there any course prerequisites or requirements?

    Only an open mind is needed.

  • Who is this course for?

    People who are looking to find balance while working as a psychic, energy healer, Reiki healer, tarot reader, or medium.